BSc in Optometry and Clinical Practice

Academic year 2014/2015 has begun for Istituto Benigno Zaccagnini degree course

The Aston University, Birmingham, refresher course for professors on learning methods was completed with two workshops on July 2 and 3.


The "ZBS Convegni" hall at the Istituto Zaccagnini was the location on Wednesday, July 2 and Thursday, July 3 of two workshops which were attended by professors of degree courses, the management and technical teaching staff. They marked the end of the collaboration agreement with Aston University, which was following its implementation in Italy.


The two workshops focused on:

- The social and juridical principles that inspire relationships between the school, teachers and students at the University of Birmingham. These principles, derived from the "Equality Act" which forms the basis of the English anti-discrimination law, were understood to be one of the conditions of the collaboration agreement.


- The residential, group, practical and clinical contents and learning methods used at Aston University. The workshop was the end of an educational course on the use of Aston University's learning methods, the first meeting of which took place last January.


Aston University learning is based on two basic tools: modules for designing learning activities based on the cyclical nature of the Kolb method, and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which uses Blackboard, a mega database that is the connective tissue for all learning modules and includes a description of each module and the scientific learning documentation prepared for study. Blackboard can be accessed by lecturers and also by students, who can communicate on the same IT system and find all the documentation that will lead to a positive approach to the exams.


The workshops were taught in English by Dr. Julian Lamb – he has a degree in Economics and a PhD in Civil Engineering – head of the learning innovations and academic practice division, and Sarah Hayes, head of the languages and social sciences division and lecturer in technology enhancing and flexible learning, who used innovative techniques for the presentation and involvement of participating professors.