Bollé Alpine: mountain fever is back!

Sunglasses are always necessary in the mountains

The lenses in the Bollé Alpine collection are protected from scratches and shock by the Carboglass system, a patented coating that is applied to both sides of the lenses.

The Alpine line also comes with anti-fog, water- and oil-resistant lenses, treatments that disperse rain or snow and protect them from fingerprints.


The frames are made from the best quality Nylon to guarantee lightness, strength and flexibility. This means that the thickness of the frame can be reduced, but without compromising strength. Bollé uses the special Thermogrip system, an exclusive material for nose pads and end pieces that ensures the stability of the eyewear, even in the presence of humidity and perspiration, for a frame with greater grip and absolute freedom of movement.
In the Alpine line, the non-allergic silicone nose pads are comfortable and strong and can be adjusted for a personalized fit.


Graduated versions of Bollé lenses are also available thanks to the exclusive B-ThinActive Design RX system, a program that allows opticians to simply and quickly graduate base 8 sports eyewear from +6.00 to -8.00.


The new Bollé system also has an advantage that was not considered technically feasible until now: perfect vision also at the side of the lens, which is extremely important for total safety, especially with wraparound frames that are specifically for sports.