Blackfin: new sunglasses in “featherweight” style

The two beta-titanium frames in the ZERO Edge line emphasize the brand's strong personality

A summer dedicated to lightness is proposed by Blackfin, the 100% made in Italy eyewear brand by Pramaor. The two beta-titanium frames in the ZERO Edge line emphasize the brand's strong personality and ability to blend technology, elegance and quality in a single, stylish and "featherweight" product. Almost a year has passed since its debut on the market and the Blackfin ZERO Edge ultralight line completes the collection with two sun models that encapsulate design, refinement, fashion and personality in a contrast between maximum style and minimum weight!


Model BF714 JAVA is immediately striking. The frame seems to disappear and the large, square lenses are the absolute protagonists that emphasize discreet but decisive feminineness. Colors evoke Blackfin's identity by being in line with dominant matte black profiles with mirrored silver lenses or brown with shaded brown/beige lenses. The only exception is the matte midnight blue version with daring multilayer mirrored purple lenses for an original contrasting detail.


Dedicated to men, the classical, linear style of model BF713 PERRY will fascinate design enthusiasts. The square lenses are surrounded by a frame in dark and brushed colors, like natural titanium with mirrored lenses, matte brown with shaded lenses and matte black with polarized lenses for superior vision quality.


Both frames are made of beta-titanium and possess all the characteristics of the Blackfin ZERO Edge models: ATOM ZERO friction hinge, patented SWORDFISH MINI end pieces – that in three easy steps lengthen the temple via the "pre-programmed breakage" system -, extreme flexibility and they are up to 70% lighter than steel models.


All Blackfin frames respect the rules of neomadinitaly, a term coined by Pramaor to define the identity of its eyewear as part of a quality production that is attentive not only to uniting tradition, culture, innovation and technology, but also to respecting individuals and the environment, people and things. The expression of genuine Italian excellence in every model.