Biotrue®: an exclusive idea for lens care

A bio-inspired contact lens solution formulated to act just like the eyes

Biotrue®, a unique solution "inspired by the biology of your eyes™", is an innovation which has not been seen in the sector for several years. Developed on the basis of a really exclusive concept for contact lens care, Biotrue® is a unique bio-inspired solution that acts in exactly the same way as the eyes to help keep lenses clean and hydrated all day long.


Biotrue® applies the principles of biomimicry, a discipline that takes its inspiration from nature in order to develop potential solutions that can be applied in the technological, biomedical and industrial sectors. Biomimicry research has led to the development of products in a variety of sectors, including cosmetics, dermatology, healthcare and aesthetics. The examples are numerous and surprising, from self-cleaning products based on the water-repelling properties of lotus flowers, to Band-Aids that were inspired by the remarkable adhesive property of a gecko's toes.


Biotrue® is the result of in-depth research into what the eyes do naturally to stay clean, hydrated and healthy. This unique solution has excellent disinfectant properties and it is formulated to perform the same functions as the eye by combining three extraordinary bio-inspired innovations.
The first: its pH is balanced to make it identical to that of normal tears. This helps to preserve the eye's natural condition and enables the optimal activation of the Biotrue® dual disinfectant system. In clinical studies, 81% of the patients who tested the new solution said that it felt like natural tears.


The second: the use of hyaluronan, a natural lubricant found in the human body and, in particular, in the eyes. Hyaluronan contributes to attracting water which wraps the lens in a hydrating cushion to help stabilize the tear film and reduce friction. It was observed that, even after 20 hours, a high amount of hyaluronan remained on the lenses to the advantage of day-long comfort.
The third: the new, unique solution by Bausch + Lomb keeps certain vital proteins in the tear film active for longer. How? Biotrue® surrounds and protects lysozyme, a protein that is found in tears, helping it to carry out its antimicrobial activities and preventing it from becoming denatured.
The unique Biotrue® solution exceeds the FDA/ISO stand-alone criteria for disinfectants. It has been tested also on a wide range of bacteria and fungi collected from lenses, lens holders and infected eyes.