Better Vision confirmed as added value for professionals and end-consumers

Two years after its launch, Rodenstock is pleased about the success of this project

Launched in Italy in 2012, this innovative project involves direct contact with consumers by pointing them toward Rodenstock's partner optical centers via major communication media, social media and dedicated apps. By using Rodenstock's Better Vision Method, tools and software, optometrists guide end-consumers all the way to the delivery of the Perfect Eyewear, a complete vision system of Rodenstock lenses and frames.


The path taken by consumers and their optometrist toward the creation of Rodenstock's Perfect Eyewear begins with an objective refraction examination using the DNEye? Scanner followed by the subjective measurement of far and near binocular refraction.


The next step is the choice of the most suitable frame for the consumer's vision needs and facial structure, videocentering and the identification of individual parameters thanks to the precision of ImpressionIST 3. Supported by Rodenstock Consulting software, eye care professionals then provide consumers with detailed information about the differences, characteristics and advantages of ophthalmic lenses before undertaking the calculation stage (refraction index, diameter, construction) and the order via WinFit Reference software.


The path ends with the delivery of the Perfect Eyewear, the result of Rodenstock expertise and the eye care partner's professionalism. Rodenstock's objective is to enhance the professionalism of optometrists by making historical know-how and leading-edge ophthalmic instruments available to them so that end-consumers will be guaranteed excellent service and products.