Baroque Detailing by Okia

Elegance and glamour for trendsetting women

Fashion, femininity and glamour: these are the ingredients of the new "Baroque Detailing" collection that OKIA has just launched, aiming at trendsetting and demanding women.


The new frames's temples show a sophisticated and intricate pattern inspired to the baroque style that has been so influential in Europe from the late 16th to the early 18th century. Every single detail of the decoration is clearly defined, for an exquisite and extremely delicate effect. Patterns are enriched by the precious touch of gold that stands out against the acetate base evoking a sense of luxury.


The collection reflects a charming, contemporary and elegant look. It suits the current taste of finesse mixed with fantasy and vivid imagination, perfectly keeping the balance between classic beauty and modern inspiration. Sophisticated baroque patterns are realized on the acetate temples by means of the patented HDA® Technology.


Each frame from this exclusive collection is characterized by a refined combination of patterns and colours that makes it the perfect accessory for sensual and elegant women.