Autofocus is back for the sixth edition

The contest now has two separate prizes for exhibition and performance projects

The Autofocus contest promoted by VANNI eyewear with the support of GAI – the association of young Italian artists – is now open and for the first time it will have separate prizes for exhibition and performance projects by two different artists.


The reason behind this decision was to offer space for all kinds of artistic expression, an opportunity for young entrants to talk about their experience as artists or designers, without excluding any language. The winning exhibition will receive 1,500 euros, a one-man show with catalog and presence at "the others" fair; the performance project will receive production support of 500 euros and the two performances by the artist will take place in two different locations - the VANNI/temporary shop space and "the others" fair.


The Autofocus 6 contest is for 18 to 35-year-old artists and designers from the European Union. In previous years the contest was won by Federica Gonnelli, Giulia Bonora, Francesco Fossati, Cosimo Veneziano and the Macchieraldo/Palasciano duo.


There is maximum freedom of expression for the Autofocus theme that opens on the universe in the eyes of the artists to tell their story in their subjective dimension, world and vision. The candidates are selected by art critic Olga Gambari. The closing date for registering on the VANNI website and receipt of candidature on cd-rom is September 8, 2014.