Autofocus 5 declares winners

The award went to the Mattia Macchieraldo-Flavio Palasciano duo

The Autofocus 5 award went to the Mattia Macchieraldo and Flavio Palasciano duo. Their exhibition project was selected by art critic Olga Gambari to be displayed in the VANNI space at 15 Via Maria Vittoria, Turin, starting October 25, 2013. The reason for the choice: Macchieraldo and Palasciano won the fifth Autofocus award because of their ability to create a look that is part real, part imaginary. A poetic play of past and contemporary conceptual and perceptive illusions that link history, science and art.


Olga Gambari. The fifth year of Autofocus was extraordinary: to convey the richness of the projects received one winner was not enough so VANNI decided to offer a list of finalists the chance to be in the Autofocus exhibition space during The Others exhibition at the former penitentiary Le Nuove, Turin, from November 7 through 10, 2013. In addition to Macchieraldo-Palasciano, the artists selected were Irene Rubiano, Maya Quattropani, Giulia Gallo, Margherita Marchioni and Davide Spillari.


The exhibition can be visited until January 10, 2014, from Tuesday to Saturday, 10-12:30 | 15:30-19. Especially for La Notte delle Arti Contemporanee (Contemporary Art Night), it will be open on Saturday, November 9, until midnight. The artists' works will also be on display at The Others in the Autofocus space.