Autofocus 4: announcement of the winner of competition promoted by Vanni

Cosimo Veneziano won the fourth edition of the competition with a highly evocative installation

His project was selected by art critic Olga Gambari for an exhibition in the VANNI space during contemporary art week beginning October 25, 2012 in Turin.


The reason for the choice: This year the Autofocus award went to Cosimo Veneziano. For some time now the artist from Turin has been developing a path characterized by considerable research, attention to design and conceptual stages, and exploration of historical and social aspects which translate into free and poetic material. This exploration, always meticulous and of notable formal purity, makes all artistic means and languages an open possibility.


Cosimo also dialogues with artists' collectives in projects with an international flavor that become common and osmotic ground for reflection on art and its role.
The project is a highly evocative installation that creates a magical atmosphere with elements linked to pre-cinema and animation, to the so-called minor arts, the shadows born out of silhouettes taken from the pages of books.


Books as a library of the world, a vision that Borges would have appreciated.
Light animates these shapes and their projection onto different planes. These stories are expressed by collective narratives and visions and yet each one maintains its individual strength. A mature work engaging the viewer and conveying ideas and inspirations that are in no way didactic.