Area 98: new communication strategy

The company renews the image of certain brands with an integrated communication plan with the web, POP materials and conventional advertising

Area 98 wanted to change the image of some of its most important brands - Kaos, La Matta,
K Actor and Oliviero Contini – to strengthen international identity and brand awareness and bring them even more into line with their global positioning. The creative project will enable the company to present more appealing brands to its customers, with a promise of products that measure up to quality, design and technical innovation.


Breaking out of the mold: this is the mood of the new campaign for KAOS, a brand that together with La Matta represents the Italian company's most irreverent side.


The new brand communication strategies in detail:

Power to kaos and to fashion! Visually impactful, the Kaos image is an original compromise between visual and sign languages: no models, no glossy visuals, just close-up photographs of gesturing hands. Cheerful, colorful and unconventional, the new campaign communicates through the typical gestures of glamorous youth whose moods range from "revolution" to "love and peace". An image that is intended to take viewers by surprise, just like the models in the collection, with their combination of color, generous shapes and sassy details.


La Matta, "Provocative Collection" describes a strong, sensual woman who is aware that her style is unique, original and never trivial. The new 2012-2013 campaign targets hedonism and extreme vanity through provocative, flamboyant and colorful visuals. La Matta conveys elegance at its maximum thanks to oversize models embellished with refined details and impactful animal prints made aesthetically perfect by HD printing technology and exclusive acetates.


K Actor: I like K, I love it. A cross-section of contemporary reality, the K Actor brand's new creative image conveys a rapidly-changing world of technology and social networks. The absolute star of the campaign, the geek, is a technology buff who expresses a new style of life made up of millions of images, virtual friends, a language that is essential, modern and minimalist - like the style of anyone who recognizes himself in the geek. A perfect campaign for describing a Techno Collection that combines technological innovation and Italian design.


Oliviero Contini, a return to the elegant Fifties. Dreamy allure for the new 2012-2013 campaign created for the most refined brand by Area 98. Inspired by Oscars-night glamour, the red carpet becomes a photo set where eyewear is the star. The sought-after, timeless design of elegant frames appears on the faces of actors immortalized at the peak of their success as they pose glamorously with the statuette. Inspired by the diva par excellence, Grace Kelly, the refined star of memorable movies and the icon of a glossy, timeless world.