Appointment next Sunday with the 4th RIOC National Meeting

A unique opportunity for meeting and sharing at Mogliano Veneto

One of the best ways to grow an operator's professionalism is to share knowledge, experience and updated information on scientific research, in order to foster the confirmation of new strategies for solving problems and everyday challenges.


This is the purpose of the 4th RIOC National Meeting on September 22. In addition to the other important subjects it will include a scientific project with the active collaboration of all operators (professional contactologists, universities and professional institutes, research companies, etc.) aimed at confirming and emphasizing specific professional qualities in a system that is an effective and recognized reference for operators and users.


The Board of Directors of SOPTI (the Italian association of optometry) and the Scientific Committee decided to organize the work of the 4th RIOC National Meeting by proposing speakers with marked clinical qualities, who can convey to participants of all levels updated, simple and clear ideas summed up in "clinical pearls" concerning important subjects for optometrists who deal with contact lenses.


This is in addition to an ample space for the presentation of clinical cases selected by the Scientific Committee. These will be presented by participants with constructive comparisons of the problem solving methods used in the practice of contactology.


The meeting will take place on Sunday, September 22, in the beautiful rooms of the prestigious Villa Braida, a mid-nineteenth century villa at Mogliano Veneto, between Venice and Treviso.