An idea from Nissan – “Smart Glass”

On the heels of its smart watch, the Japanese company has launched "3E" eyeglasses for drivers: live information with no distractions

For the time being everything is shrouded in mystery; nevertheless, it is official that at the next trade fair in Tokyo at the end of the month, Nissan will present "an epoch-making revolution" in driving. In other words, its "smart glass" dedicated to drivers.


Named "E3", the eyeglasses function in exactly the same way as the famous Google Glass, but they have been designed specifically to provide drivers with useful information about their route, speed and direction as well as average fuel consumption and other statistics. And all with no distractions, without ever having to take their hands off the wheel or scan the dashboard for the requested data or service.


A revolution for the auto world, given that all "external" technology has always been rejected: cars have their onboard telephones, navigators, computers and multimedia systems. Frequently they even have an app. "It doesn't really matter if the iPhone or Blackberry we have in our pocket does the same things better": this was the rule until yesterday. Now things are different: Nissan has torn down the wall and broken the boundaries of "everything inside the car" and aims at a device that is completely external.


The revolution is more philosophical than technical. But it comes with Nissan's strong commitment to technology: it should not be forgotten that the Japanese giant has just launched its very own smart watch...