Alcon Ciba Vision: “Tell us about your typical day”

Fabulous prizes to be won by sharing a moment of your day with Opti-Free PureMoist

For Internet lovers who can't resist the temptation to post photos for sharing with friends, this is a competition where they could win a marvelous 16 GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi and a year's supply of OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® single solution for contact lens maintenance. Just click and go!


Here's how to take part: by June 9 visit and watch the video La mia giornata tipo con OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® (My typical day with OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®), in which contact lens-wearer Jessica tells us about her daily life.


Then register on and share a photo that shows a moment of your day either on the competition website or by Instagram mobile app with hashtag #lamiagiornatatipo. The best photo will win! The more votes you get the more chances you'll have of winning. So invite all your friends to post "like" on your photo.


The video has very useful suggestions about taking a photo that is most in line with the subject of the competition: your experience of using contact lenses with maximum comfort throughout the day, from as soon as you wake up in the morning, at the office or college to a disco party or dinner with friends!


Romantic, serious and fun, on your own or in company, there is a wide variety of occasions for posting. There can be nothing easier or funnier than sharing photos that describe your daily experience!