Adlens® debuts at MIDO 2013

For the first time Adlens® will participate in the Fair to officially announce the joint venture with distributor Mondottica

During the three days of the Fair that attracts a prestigious public from all over the world, Adlens® will officially announce the recent joint venture with worldwide eyewear distributor Mondottica. The agreement signed last October and effective since January 2013, led to the creation of Adlens® Europe, a strategic partnership for the sale of Adlens® products on the European market.


Mido will also give Adlens® the opportunity to introduce itself to journalists and international sector representatives during a press conference at the Mondottica stand (pav.13, booth K01 L02) at 11am on March 3. Mike Ferrara, CEO of Adlens®, and Michael Jardine, CEO of Mondottica, will present Adlens® to the public and describe its current and future aims, recent successes and the launch on the European market made possible by the agreement with Mondottica.


During the conference, Adlens® will present a preview of the exclusive John Lennon™ Collection Portraits project, an original collection of photographs featuring men and women wearing the innovative variable focus glasses. Based on the revolutionary Fluid-Injection technology, which corrects vision instantaneously and can be applied immediately, the glasses are the result of a unique mix between modern technology and the legendary style of one of the greatest rock 'n' roll icons of all times, John Lennon™.


Thanks to the special participation of Benedetta Barzini, an icon of Italian style and elegance, the photographs perfectly reflect Adlens'® social and irreverent soul. The outcome of an extraordinary philanthropic initiative that developed into an internationally-important company, Adlens® has always shown a strong commitment to social matters through its Buy One Give One program: for every pair of Fluid-Injection technology glasses purchased, the company donates a frame to communities in developing countries. Since the creation of the first prototype, over 30,000 pairs of variable focus glasses have been donated to people in need.


The protagonists of the special photographic feature also reflect the "easy to use" concept on which Adlens® products are based: men and women of different ages, cultures and backgrounds express the same joy and freedom when they personalize their glasses to suit their own needs thanks to Adlens® technology.


A special event dedicated to this photography exhibition will take place during Mido. The original portraits will be exhibited in a prestigious location where guests will be able to get closer to Adlens® and its innovative vision correction concept by trying on the original models from The John Lennon™ Collection.