Adlens® at Fenway Park, Boston

An exclusive event for the opening of the new office in the USA

The event, which took place over two days, was held at Fenway Park, Boston. Home of the Red Sox, the winners of seven consecutive world championships, Fenway Park was chosen as a symbol of team and association spirit. Commercial representatives came from all over the United States to meet the Adlens® team and hear about the details of its unique technology and corporate philosophy, which would help them in their sales actions. E. Dean Butler, a member of the board of directors and founder of Lenscrafter, described to participants the optical market's most innovative and technological trends.


An extensive account of the company's history and a general overview of its strategic direction were followed by comprehensive product training that included details of the Fluid-Injection and Alvarez technologies. Head of training, Sue Creek, called the participants' attention to the benefits of the product by showing them a video of a consumer's reaction to Adlens® products and the enthusiasm shown by people wearing glasses with adjustable focus.


David Eichelberg, sales manager in the USA, and Scott McClure, regional commercial manager for Southeast, gave an interesting talk about sales strategies and encouraged innovative ideas for developing new approaches aimed at attracting consumer interest.


The meeting was invaluable for all those involved. The commercial representatives had the chance to gain in-depth knowledge about the future of optics, share their experiences and, at the same time, work side-by-side with the Adlens® team.


Commercial expert Tom Pearse commented: "In my career of 40 years and more I have taken part in numerous meetings, but I want everyone present and everybody who made this meeting possible to know that this was the best one. The important information that has been provided is much more than ever before. Everything that has been said is about the Adlens® world and its purpose is to understand how successful results can be achieved."

The meeting ended with a tour of the new Boston office. Tom Speed, commercial development manager, acted as a guide and gave a brief history of the Lewis Wharf area. Later, the participants met for dinner and an evening of entertainment with John Lennon music in the background.