A year of great developments for 2M Decori

A new facility for the Treviso-based company, now a joint stock company

The year 2012 is one of great developments for 2M Decori, the company based at Segusino in the Treviso area, which designs and makes metal components to order. In January it was transformed from a limited liability company to a joint stock company, a decision taken to guarantee greater reliability for customers and suppliers and, at the same time, to confirm its positive growth trend. Also upcoming is the inauguration of the new facility opposite the "historical" building on via della Centa.


And in fact the results have been "very positive", according to assessments by top management, which maintains that "the growth in billings is due to spot-on entrepreneurial decisions that over the years have proved we were right". Decisions that primarily involved the company and its technological growth aimed at offering customers ever-greater service".


2M Decori was set up in 1997 and it has developed considerably during these fifteen years: now it is present in various European countries but also in the USA and South America. The Veneto company has always implemented the technological aspect in which it has made significant investments. It now handles all production stages: the design and manufacture of molds, pressure die-casting, tumbling, polishing and galvanizing. 100% of its products are developed from the ideas of customers in sectors that demand precision, control and high levels of aesthetics.