A new goal has been reached by Okia

"Double Match": a new achievement for HDA® technology

A new sensational goal has been reached by Okia through its patented HDA® Technology: "Double Match" is the name of the revolutionary collection resulting from Okia's latest developments in high definition eyewear.


HDA® Technology is renowned in the international world of optics and design as an extraordinary technology that allows the realization of unlimited colours and lifelike patterns on acetate frames. OKIA is now proud to go one more step further and show a new definition level its exceptional technology is able to achieve: the HDA® patterns of this new collection cover both sides of the temples, opening new incredible possibilities for product design.


Natural and animal world is the main inspiration behind the HDA® patterns chosen for the collection. Joyful and vivid colours – such as green, pink, purple and orange – light up the frames' original decorations, for an unconventional and modern look.


Perfect for those people who never want to go unnoticed, each frame from the "Double Match" collection is an explosion of vitality and self-confidence that will give a unique touch of boldness to your style!