A new campaign for Oliviero Contini

The protagonists' irresistible eyes discreetly attract attention from behind elegant and sophisticated frames

Close ups of faces behind elegant and sophisticated frames: the world of Oliviero Contini is immersed in a mysterious ambiance, where the protagonists' irresistible eyes immediately and discreetly attract attention.


Contini is the most "politically correct" and refined collection, capable of satisfying a wide target that includes men and women alike. Vaguely obscure situations convey this mood in an original way, suggesting the cinematographic concept of "noir" movies.


The visuals in the new communication campaign pay homage to the world of spy stories with retro and elegant atmospheres in which the eyes and refined frames made by Area98 are the protagonists and where everything else is "confidential".


Mystery, intrigue, suspense: Oliviero Contini frames are with the protagonists at all times to emphasize their appeal and intriguing charm.