A makeover for Schalcon

A new revisited, avant-garde digital identity

Over the years, the world-famous Rome-based company has created tools for fostering relationships with its reference public and at Mido 2013 it had a completely revisited and really avant-garde digital identity.


A corporate website, mobile website for smartphones, and an APP for iPads are the media in which Schalcon recently launched a virtual showcase that will allow all eye care professionals and consumers to increasingly improve their knowledge of this totally Italian company.
A strategic operation that brings end-users directly into contact with the producers of a vision device used by millions of Italians every day.
Also in order to improve relationships, the launch of the two new company portals for computer and mobile users was in parallel with the total renewal of Schalcon's "social" experiences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with dedicated channels.


An image that is fresh, clean and new, just like the latest-generation contact lenses by Schalcon, fully reflecting the company's identity. Apart from its completely renewed look, it also presents smart tools for communicating with end-users.
First and foremost, and already used by thousands of consumers, is the store locator. A simple search engine that in just a few seconds will find the nearest optical center that sells Schalcon lenses and solutions. A genuine revolution enabled by digital integration with georeferencing tools.
Now, when you browse the wide range of Schalcon products, it will be really easy to find the perfect one for your personal needs and finding the outlet that sells them has become child's play! Simplicity guides innovation at Schalcon and in the coming months it will enable these services to be even more integrated by listening to the requests of consumers and users.


Moreover, it is already possible to hear the voices of eye care professionals who choose Schalcon every day. The company's Facebook fan page ( hosts a dedicated TAB with videos of interviews with vision professionals from all over Italy who give advice about Schalcon lenses and solutions. Also on Facebook, you can hear Chiara, a Schalcon testimonial and contact lens user, who explains why she would never change her contact lenses brand. Her statement expresses the view of the many satisfied users who every day choose Schalcon for their vision wellbeing.