A change in Optoservice top management

Luigi Polzotto appointed president of Board of Directors

On July 14, 2014, the Meeting of the Shareholders in Optoservice Srl, a Federottica services company, elected a Board of Directors for company administration and appointed Luigi Polzotto as president and Andrea Mineo and Giuseppe Piazzolla as directors.


On July 16, 2014, the Optoservice Srl Board of Directors conferred on Luigi Polzotto powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration and the legal representation of the company vis-à-vis Public Administration.


Luigi Polzotto replaces Andrea Mineo, sole director of Optoservice Srl from 2003 to 2014; our thanks go to him for all his work over the years.


The change in structure is oriented toward making Optoservice Srl management more efficient through active involvement and, as a result, the contribution of a variety of specific abilities.


The handover process will begin in the coming days.