The 9 points of quality for Emilio Scolari 1922

Fabio Antonio Orzieri: "whenever I think about a handmade item, I can only imagine how to make it with our tools and our hands"

The company is preparing for 2012 with exclusive new products and nine reasons that make the brand unique, from artisan production to guarantees offered, and personalized service for opticians and optometrists. Emilio Scolari 1922 is a company with a precise DNA: top-quality design.


In addition to eyewear, its portfolio includes leather goods, watches, pens and, coming soon, the return of the crocodile-skin cufflinks that were made for Milanese aristocrats in 1955. The eyewear is based on a fundamental binomial: craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Collections in which quality, elegance and comfort find the optimal meeting point thanks to a blend of innovation and charm that pleases even the most demanding consumers.
The Milan company Emilio Scolari 1922 will be at the next Mido, stand B15, hall 15, and will start the year with a meaningful slogan: "9 reasons for choosing our frames".


"For us tradition is the 'shirt' not the 'tie'" – stated CEO Fabio Antonio Orzieri. "What I mean is that ideas are born in the laboratory: whenever I think about a handmade item, I can't think of a machine, I can only image how to make it with our tools and our hands. We put all our heart into this 'limitation' and it is thanks to it that the products that leave our laboratories tell an Italian story, the best-loved story in the world: Made in Italy."


"As far as production is concerned, the eyewear is handcrafted in Italy. The Swarovski crystals and pearls, the exclusive characteristics of our models, are applied manually one by one, which means that the frames can be totally personalized. The design is patented. The product is certified by guarantees added to the information leaflet that comes with every frame. Our service is also unique." Fabio Antonio Orzieri explained. "The eyewear is made only on request and there are 10,000 different combinations to choose from. Every personalized item is guaranteed to be completed in 2-3 working days and spare parts will always be available."


Let's start with the product: in detail, how are these strong points developed?
"The strategy behind our success is, and always will be, to talk about the 'content' of our frames, not to show beautiful pictures that have nothing to say" – Orzieri continued. "Our eyewear is not just beautiful, it is not just made entirely in Italy by skilled artisans who manually apply each Swarovski crystal on the temples, our eyewear is a unique product infused with the craftsmanship whose roots run deep in bygone times".


What before- and after-sales service does your company provide for opticians?"Our philosophy is to produce only on the request of clients. In developed economies the system is called 'just-in-time', thanks to which we are proud to say that we do not have unsold stock. Besides, we don't need to keep stocks because we can fulfill orders in a short time. This flexibility means that we can have about 5,000 different combinations by choosing from a very wide range of shapes and colors. Thanks to the new additions that will be making their debut at Mido 2012, these combinations will be increased to over 10,000. Our 'modus operandi' allows us to provide an 'express' service (making individual and personalized items ordered by clients) in 2-3 working days. Thanks to these choices, spare parts for each and every product are and always will be available", the CEO concluded.