Someyewear debuts at MIDO with Eblock

Time has come for presenting the company and products to sector operators and make ourselves known to consumers abroad

"Som Occhiali Srl is a company that was set up in 1978 and for almost forty years it has been making eyewear for the most prestigious names in the sector. About 3 years ago, we started to think about a brand for distributing on the market ourselves. We wanted to achieve this goal with a product that had the added value of our patent and an attractive styling". This was how Umberto Valentini, Som Occhiali's sales manager for Italy, introduced the company's story.


Why Mido this year? "We wanted to have plenty of time to be ready for taking part in this important event; in fact, EBLOCK was launched in January 2013 but these past 12 months have been useful for giving our product a strong identity. Last year's edition would have been premature. We are now distributed to over 500 of the best outlets in Italy and sector operators consider us to be one of the most interesting new products on the market. So now the time is right to ensure that this important event is an opportunity for us."


The company itself is the new development, Mr. Valentini said when we asked about the new developments they will present at Mido: "Actually, the new development we will present at the Fair is ourselves, our company, our idea and EBLOCK, an innovative and fascinating product from a technical and commercial aspect which, last but not least, is also trendy. We trust that the public will recognize the value and great opportunity our concept offers".


What do you expect from this edition of Mido? "By participating in this fair we want to give current customers a strong message of solidity, to show the ability to renew a project that is farsighted like ours. We also expect that this appointment will be an opportunity to make ourselves known, especially abroad where we are now beginning to do business".