Rem lauches Tumi Brand to increase expansion

CEO Mike Hundert: "We always focus on the kind of company we are"

For REM Eyewear, Mido 2012 is distinguished by the launch of Tumi in grand style. As REM CEO Mike Hundert explained, "We will launch a global brand never before in the eyewear category, Tumi. Well-known and well-respected for their travel bags and accessories, we will bring a new collection of sunglasses and eyeglass frames to the global market beginning with MIDO. Tumi will elevate our ability to expand our global enterprise, especially when teamed up with our Converse brand that has already grown strong roots around the world".


The exhibition is an opportunity to interview Mike Hundert about more general subjects with reference to the eyewear sector.


- Early in 2011 there were hesitant signs of recovery after the global crisis. Twelve months have elapsed since then; so, what is your assessment of the recent past? And, what about the future?
" I could write a book given that question, but let me try and make this succinct" – Hundert replied -. "REM adopted a positive approach, confident that as others pull back we could accelerate. We were strategic in our approach and decisive in our execution through 2011. As a result, we experienced increased sales in all nine of our brands, in each channel of trade, and in every region around the world. This year we are consolidating our gains and building upon the stronger and broader foundation we now enjoy. Certainly, there are challenges in 2012, as there are every year. We work to define those challenges and create ways to turn those into positive outcomes with unwavering faith".


- Mido is now a tradition. What are your expectations for this edition of the event?
"MIDO has proven important for REM for three decades, and we continue to see MIDO as a wonderful opportunity to visit with clients and to expose ourselves to those not yet our partners. The change in the day pattern of MIDO this year is clearly a concern we share with many. We will approach this additional challenge with that same positive approach we hold, finding ways to better communicate with our customers".


- Are you focusing your expectations on a specific model at this time and in the immediate future?
"No. We really focus on REM, and the kind of company that we are. Products constantly change. People don't. We sell who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We've been doing that for forty years. As a family business, that is our fabric".


- One word to describe the year 2012 that will dawn with Mido.