Oliver Peoples takes centre stage on the week of design

Daniela Zappella: "Oliver Peoples' design aspires to be timeless and unmistakable in terms of quality"

At Out of Mido, we have met up with Daniela Zappella, Eu Fashion Boutiques Sales Manager at the Fuorisalone, who reiterated the importance of Oliver Peoples' link with Mido, the result of a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.


"Our attendance at Out of Mido enables us to participate in one of Milan's most important events, namely the week of design. The relationship between Oliver Peoples and design is undoubtedly a very strong one", Daniela explained. "It is indeed one of the brand's typical contents and is part of its DNA, together with top-notch quality and vintage inspiration. Oliver Peoples' design aspires to be timeless, an unmistakable and intellectually challenging design in terms of quality for pundits".


For Oliver Peoples, "Out of" means being "out of logo", which is becoming increasingly discreet. The brand's mission is to be recognised for its quality product and design.


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