Okia returns to Mido to launch its very latest technology

"MIDO is the perfect showcase for new collections and products"

"MIDO is an extremely important showcase for the optical sector during the year". That was how OKIA General Manager Jacky Lam described the sector's most important fair at international level. "It is also the perfect context for new collections and new products. This is why we have chosen this extraordinary event for launching our very latest technology and most recent trends in models and colors.


"The first launch of OKIA HDA® Technology and products at the start of 2010 was incredibly successful and guaranteed our considerable popularity in the sector. The concept of MIDO's Design Technologies area perfectly matches the OKIA philosophy that is mirrored in the patented High Definition Acetate (HDA®) Technology" the company's General Manager continued. "Thanks to our exclusive and patented technology, we can take designers to a high level of creativity by offering unlimited possibilities in terms of fashion colors and the variety of patterns".


When asked about the new developments OKIA will take to the fair, Jacky Lam said that "We have many new versions of HDA® to show to everyone! One of the new collections is called "HDA® Faces" and clearly demonstrates how OKIA's patented High Definition Acetate (HDA®) Technology can be combined harmoniously with any type of design. HDA® is a patented technology by which textures and colors can be transformed into a range of textures and models featuring extremely sharp high definition with accents on depth. This extraordinary technology excels in producing crystal-clear colors. The only limitation is one's imagination!"


OKIA expectations for MIDO 2014 are "trends in step with fashion for sophisticated, elegant eyewear and the most updated colors, models, technology and innovation".


The appointment with OKIA is at stand V26 - Pav. 22.