Nau! evolution: now a joint-stock company

Company president Brogi: "We work on quality development every day"

A change in corporate structure for Nau!, the optical company based in Castiglione Olona: no longer a limited liability company (S.r.l.)but a joint-stock company (S.p.A.). What does this change mean for the young Varese brand?


"This change – company president Fabrizio Brogi replied – confirms the evolution of Nau! in recent years. We now employ over 200 people, billings continue to grow and the brand is increasingly popular with consumers and successful on the market".


- What figures distinguish you now and what are your programs for development?
"There are now more than 40 Nau! stores but what is more important to us is the development of the quality we work on every day. In order to offer our customers qualified service we always look for the best people and we work constantly on their professional growth. Everyone in Nau! takes a training course that covers both technical and commercial areas. This also applies to the opticians who represent 60% of the Nau! team".


-Designer products, rationalized prices, quality certifications and respect for the environment by using recyclable materials: these are the characteristics you have given Nau! Do you think these will continue to be the key words in the future?


"Certainly, with more corporate accountability, see our Zero Price initiative. And always with the passion, skill and enthusiasm of the entire Nau! team".


-Before we left we asked Fabrizio Brogi to satisfy our curiosity. The name Nau! is so unusual, where did it come from?


"Simple, short, memorable, ironic, ambitious (Nau is uan [Italian spelling for "one"] read backwards..) and imaginative .... It might be a coincidence, but in the language of the Elves Nau means Idea".