Modo is counting on Mido!

Giovanni Lo Faro: "We look forward to the 2014 Fair with unprecedented confidence and enthusiasm"

Modo Eyewear Managing Director Giovanni Lo Faro explained why Mido is important for his company: "Mido is the fair par excellence in our industry. It combines a perfect mix of customers - from the point of view of user segments and geographical location – and covers almost every country in the world. Milan is also our hometown and we wanted to take this opportunity to take a substantial step ahead in line with our strong growth of recent years".


Lo Faro revealed a few details about the new products Modo will present at the Fair in March: "We will propose renewed collections for our brand portfolio, with considerable emphasis on our house brands Modo and Eco, the main players in our expansion. Modo will expand the range of models in ultra-thin titanium and fine acetates, which have been astoundingly successful since their launch last September. Eco will expand the revolutionary product and communication concept with a new advertising and marketing campaign. Naturally, there will be new collections in the three materials we offer – acetate, 95% recycled steel and special injected models derived from castor oil - all eco-sustainable and certified by major international institutions".


What do you expect from the 2014 edition of Mido? "A decisive step forward!" stated the company's Managing Director. "After years of considerable work to become established in the main markets, we are counting on being at an important crossroads for our development thanks to a mix of products, communication and service that we believe are extremely important in our sectors and added value for our partners. We look forward to the upcoming Fair with unprecedented confidence and enthusiasm".