JPLUS' first time

Alessandro Martire: "Mido gathers ideas and energy"

"A collector of ideas and energy". This was how Mido was described by Alessandro Martire, art director and co-founder of JPLUS, a young brand in the eyewear sector. When asked why he decided to take part in the Milan fair for the first time, he replied: "In recent years I have witnessed a desire to be free of institutional fairs in favor of important containers of design and innovation. The biggest players in the world go there and I think that it is important that we, too, use this platform to convey our spirit and contribute as a Made in Italy company".


"It will be our first time as an exhibitor so our focus is on conveying the spirit of our brand and the products that derive from it naturally". The art director and co-founder of JPLUS continued to explain about the new products he will take to MIDO. "We have two big developments: the first is the presentation of Special Edition sunglasses that can be bought only at the Fair. The models have a very strong concept and they will be available only for customers who visit our space. The other very important development is the presentation of the Capsule Collection created in collaboration with the renowned fashion brand, Costume National. The idea is to take the products that will appear on the runways - so products with strong stylistic content – to the best outlets in the world. Personalities like Vincent Gallo, David Bowie, and so on, are already wearing the men's model for SS14, which was presented in London, New York City and Milan and was very well received. The couturier is soon to confirm a visit by stylist Ennio Capasa during the Fair".


How do I see the MIDO of the future? "A space with a strong identity"Alessandro Martire said – "which ought not to limit access to sector operators but, like the Furniture Show, find a formula that will enable brands to convey their spirit to a wider clientele. I am sure this would bring more visitors, considerably raise the level and, in addition to getting our brands known to opticians and distributors, we would certainly have the chance to meet other categories that would definitely give us some interesting ideas".