Inface chooses Mido for strengthening brand image

At the Fair to finalize business relationships and meet new and prospective customers who understand the brand's philosophy

"Mido is an international exhibition with the air of global visitors and global design statements. Here we meet potential customers and new business relations in all aspects" said Mette Laursen, Design Manager at Inface. "Mido is one of many opportunities for us to strengthen our brand "Inface" a strong family business".


About the new products Modo will present at the Fair in March, Laursen said: "We will this spring present our new danish design collection Spring 2014, that holds both correction frames and our High Fashion Sun Collection. The whole collection is designed by our Designteam: internationel designers, colour experts and opticians. Inface design is always inspired by our nordic heritage and culture, both visually and spiritually – pure and simple."


What do you expect from the next edition of Mido? "We do expect to meet potential and new customers and business relations, that will understand the philosophy of the Inface brand, love it and desire to work with the brand and us. Creating healthy relations that has the ability to spread the brand across markets all the way to the actually bearers of our frames".