Immagine98 at Mido with Italian creativity and taste

Susi Tabacchi: "2014 will not be an easy year, but we are optimistic: creative thinking can distance us from the crisis"

It's time for MIDO and the many expectations that come with it. Let's look at Immagine98's.
Accompanying us on this journey is commercial manager Susi Tabacchi. "We expect a year that won't be easy but we remain optimistic. It's a difficult moment and because of this the challenge is even more important and stimulating and drives us to do better, to create and mold products that are even more special.
"Innovation and quality are values with which we can and want to face the future. Our professionalism is the outcome of considerable expertise. Our creativity is based on instinct, even though it is balanced by a rational and solid side. This is the background of our presence at Mido. We will propose increasingly refined and innovative eyewear and we have high expectations for this appointment".


In what frame of mind will the eyewear industry in general and your company in particular face 2014?
"We will face it head-on: certainly the crisis imposes increasingly careful choices, because the moment is still extremely difficult. But it is precisely in difficult moments that creativity must give the best of itself. From this point of view we have always been the pioneers: our "creative workshop " is based on the exchange of values and the search for excellence, the essential ingredients for facing particular moments like the present. Our motto is 'never be predictable and stay away from conventional ideas': creative thinking can distance us from the crisis and help us to face the 2014 challenge with determination and willingness to succeed".


There are different assessments of the post-crisis. Economically-speaking, many companies have felt the backlash of the crisis while others have been "happy islands". In which of these area do you put yourselves?
"I am convinced that everyone has felt the various forms of backlash in one way or another. Some companies were "happy islands" because they had a clear and direct interpretation of developments in the world market and were totally convinced that respecting their identity by pursuing their path with determination and courage was essential for differentiation. This was the road we took and it enabled us to achieve significant commercial successes in Italy and abroad. The awareness and energy we put into planning and creating help us to overcome difficult moments: thanks to its independent nature Immagine98 has always stood out".


Can you describe the new products you'll be presenting at MIDO 2014?
"All-Italian expertise and taste are at the basis of our X-IDE and RYE&LYE collections. For X-IDE, at Mido we will present a collection with a strong personality characterized by meticulously designed and produced stylistic and technical details. Once again, these models feature avant-garde color combinations and choices of materials. The new collection has a total of 13 vision models in plastic, metal or combinations, 2 models for kids and 5 models that have been developed with sun lenses.
Creative inspiration came from the fascinating and mysterious world of spices and herbs, an inebriating mix of flavors originating in far-off times and ancient peoples. Taste, sight and touch are always stimulated and satisfied by spices, their colors and aromas that rise up and envelop everything in mystery and seduction. It was the magical charm of all these herbs that freed our imagination. Such a creative imagination impressed the X-IDE style office headed by Tiziano Tabacchi and led to imbuing the new collection with these sensations and colors.
RYE&LYE continues along its route of search and experimentation through the choice of materials and avant-garde techniques. We will present 7 models, vision frames of course, that continue the leitmotif of the collection: future retro eyewear. In fact the collection combines slightly retro charm and flavor with the most advanced technologies. 'Revisited' wood, leather and stone are the stars of this collection. This year we will also present a limited collection of only 600 pairs: two very important and refined models for women embellished with a special Swarovski mesh that gives the eyes an extra sparkle. For luxury without excess".