Grimont impressions and a preview of new developments for Mido365

The company's totally new, patented method for printing tortoiseshell effects directly onto acetate

Answering the customary question about market trends at this half-way point of 2012 compared with 2011, CEOs Gianni Bronca explained to Mido365 that "compared with 2011, overall billings are more or less unchanged due to the period of stagnation in our reference segment. However, co-CEO Giancarlo Recchia and I wanted to initiate a comprehensive corporate renewal plan that would guarantee our customers new horizons for processing plastic materials. Specifically, we wanted to increase the technology that is available to us and create ample space for the new and brilliant ideas that will enable us to strengthen our position as the leading company for the industrialization, manufacture and supply of top-level plastic components".


It sounds like there are "new developments in the air"! There's talk about a new Grimont patent. Can you tell us anything about it?

"As I said, we have been working on innovation for a long time and have invested time and resources in increasing our competitiveness" Bronca replied. "Finally, after a year and a half of research, we have patented a new injection system that will allow a tortoiseshell effect to be printed directly onto acetate. It is totally new, especially in the eyewear sector where, until now, this effect was achieved exclusively with the use of plate or by painting. We are very pleased about our achievement and we are ready to enter the market with our idea".

Commenting on future projects, Bronca said that "without doubt, the successful implementation of our patent will enable us to expand processing techniques aimed at greater customer satisfaction. For the future, we will be increasingly oriented toward injection technology as we have seen that there has been exponential growth in market demand for this type of process."


What programs or events will you be taking part in?


For many years we have taken part in the most important exhibitions in the eyewear sector, which naturally include Mido and Silmo, together with Pramaor, the company in which we are partners. However, Grimont has always wanted to ensure maximum attention and dynamism for its customers by offering an invaluable "tailor-made" consultancy service that ranges from design to the creation of finished products. This is why, when important projects are imminent, we prefer to make personal visits to the companies with which we have worked and which have been loyal to us for many years, because we don't want them to think of us simply as suppliers, but as real partners who are ready to give advice and support them for all their needs."


The Italian market is your strong point but in a previous interview you talked about a very strong and consolidated presence also in Germany and France. Can you update us on this?


"Currently, Italy counts for the largest part of our turnover but, as I said before, we have successfully led the German and French markets for some time now" the owner of the company explained. "The consolidation of these three areas has been confirmed in 2012 and at the same time, because of what is happening at international level, it made us reflect on our approach to the markets, reflections that have led to a change in strategy which is now even more oriented toward maintaining and implementing collaboration with internationally-important customers".