Glassing: the key word is Originality

Matteo Maragnano: "we'd get bored without innovation"

Glassing is a young brand that was created almost as a game but then boomed very quickly. It was only in 2007, when Matteo Maragnano, Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone went to Ibiza to open a small vintage sunglasses store. It was a mind-blowing success, as they still describe it. And just a year later came Glassing, which has now become an international company.
How would you describe your company? "I'll borrow an adjective that is usually used for people: brilliant" answered Matteo Maragnano, communication and marketing head.


Glassing is at home at Mido. What do you expect from this edition and, above all, what do you expect from 2013?
"We've arrived at a new edition of Mido with alarming speed. The period is certainly not one of the most promising for the economy in general, and such problem inevitably affects the optical sector as well. However, we are confident that there will be a clear recovery in 2013. The important thing for everyone is not to bite off more than you can chew, as they say".


What new products are you presenting this time?
"Originality was and remains the key word for understanding the Glassing universe. We challenge the market by proposing collections that are conceptually innovative but also move with the times. Seeing is believing".


Is there a common denominator for eyewear in 2013?
"I don't think so. I couldn't make a statement like that. The subject ought to be examined much more thoroughly: final consumers are so varied that you would have to enter more deeply into individual markets and geographical areas".


Research and innovation. Do they really represent the sector's reference point?
"For the sector? I don't believe so. I travel a lot and I see that a lot of brands are "inspired by" others. If we're talking about our brand, then yes, absolutely, we'd get bored without innovation".


Which foreign markets are the most important for your company?
"Spain, the UK and Greece as far as Europe is concerned. But nowadays we are achieving the best results in Asia".