Glassing: "the dream goes on"

A young brand for quirky clients

"The dream goes on". This is the 2012 catchphrase for Matteo Maragnano, one of the three "enfants terribles" who created Glassing, the brand that is the outcome of a hankering to create a new concept of amusing and trendy sunglasses, able meet the needs of their more quirky clients.


In 2007, Maragnano, Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone opened a vintage sunglasses store in Ibiza. The experience was distinguished by what they describe as "exaggerated success", one that launched them into the eyewear world with the creation, a year later, of the new Glassing line.


Your past is very recent. How do you assess the situation and what do you see for the future?
"Starting with the premise that the past is passed and we focus only on the future –Maragnano replied – I can say that, compared to many other companies in the sector, we certainly cannot complain. We are taking the right road step by step. For the future we expect considerable growth because we are putting all our charged-up energy into it and the results are proving that we are right".


Mido is now a tradition. What are your expectations from this edition?
"Mainly we want to grow brand awareness and find other stimulating projects".


What will your key proposals be?
"We will propose exciting models that are in line with the current collection characterized by the highly original leather effect".


Are you focusing your expectations on a specific model?
"Personally-speaking I'm betting on SWING, a round model. Last year it struggled to enter the Italian market but it sold very well overseas. So... fingers crossed!".


Your color for this year?
"Orange, pink, light blue. Only one is impossible!"