Exalt Cycle re-launch operation

Andrea Trevisol talks about some of the company's plans for the future

The project is Swiss-based but its heart is still Italian. This is Exalt Cycle for which the re-launch operation that began last year is now giving important results. In this interview, Andrea Trevisol talks about it and some of the plans for the future.


-Exalt Cycle, Switzerland ...
It is based in Switzerland because the investment fund that believed in this project is located here, but Exalt's heart is still Italian.


-The Exalt Cycle re-launch began over six months ago. Can you tell us about some of the results during the new company's first few months of business?
In accordance with our plan, we re-presented the brand mainly in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and intentionally left Italy out because the situation there was more critical; I must say that it has been so successful that we had to postpone the two important markets of North America and Brazil until the fall because we would have been unable to monitor them with the due attention and precision.


-What are your strategies for promoting and marketing the brand in the near future?
As far as the Italian market is concerned, in the center-north customers will be followed directly through our commercial employees with free delivery from our logistics center in Stabio (Canton Ticino). For the center-south, we have signed an exclusive contract with Eye Group of Sicily. The best optical stores in each province will be the targeted outlets with orientation toward partnerships that will get us into the best window displays. Opticians will receive a dedicated service with costumer care only for Italy and access to our electronic system for managing re-assortments and for checking order status in real time. We have acquired all the replacement parts for previous collections, simply to be able to provide a complete service for the opticians who will begin to work with us. This decision was very much appreciated by markets abroad.


-Let's talk about the brand....what are its characteristics now and what is its basic philosophy?
The philosophy is the same one that has always characterized the Exalt Cycle brand and made it an icon in the past: design, innovation and quality.
The company has invested a lot in product quality by hiring a product engineer who worked for a multinational in the sector for many years; he heads a team of designers and technicians for developing the collection.


- Can you tell us anything about the new models? Are you counting on any particular product?
One of Exalt's top products has undergone considerable development by taking advantage of the acquisition of such patents as the co-injection of rubber and metal; the double-injection technique has been used to make the XY logo and the temples in different colors.
Another new idea that we will present at the next MIDO is "natural" material injected with rubber and then laser treated to create really unique articles. At MIDO we will also present the new Exalt Cycle Sport collection designed specifically to meet the demands of a market that in the near future will make niche markets the real business. Exalt does not target the mass market and this is why an aggressive sports line with carbon inserts and high-performance photochromic and/or polarized lenses will certainly complete the optical line.


- Talking about exhibitions, MIDO is the most important upcoming event in the sector. You just told us that Exalt Cycle will be there. What do you hope to achieve at this edition of the exhibition?
There is no way that Exalt Cycle could not be at MIDO and it will be in MIDO Lab, Hall 24, stand N12. It will be the occasion for presenting the 6 new models that will join the 35 in the collection, bringing the total number of articles to 164. Without a doubt our success at the last SILMO and at the recent exhibition in Munich will be repeated at MIDO.