Charmant: great expectations for Mido and 2013

Chitotti (commercial manager): "we are a Total High Quality company"

"The expectations are great, especially due to a recovery in the market that I think is totally desirable". This was how Alessandro Chitotti, commercial manager at Charmant Italia, summed up the approach to 2013 and, in particular, to this edition of Mido.


In the meantime, he told us about the new products presented at the Milan fair. "Charmant has always preferred to meet the market focusing on quality and choice of materials. For Mido 2013, we have strengthened our leadership at the high end of the segment, which for us is represented by the Line Art brand: specifically, we are presenting the 2013 collection for women, but above all we have the exclusive launch at European level of the Line Art collection for men. This is a matter of pride for the Italian subsidiary, since it really believed in this project".


"Colors – Chitotti added – are always the key to the success of a collection. This is why we believe it is important to attentively develop the right combination of color, shape and inserts. For example, this was how the new Trussardi collection was created: the play of colors and different hues is mixed with the use of leather to make the eyewear a refined fashion accessory".


The words you use most frequently are research and innovation. Are they really key elements for the sector?
"As far as Charmant is concerned, yes! We have been engaged on this front for many years and the proof lies in the fact that, in recent years, Charmant has always proposed new products in terms of unique materials and technical solutions. For Charmant, research and innovation are a standard and a must for standing out on the market".


The Italian market is at a sort of stabilization stage, but the market abroad is giving positive signals. Which markets are the most important for your company?
"As you know, Charmant is a Japanese company. Therefore, that market is certainly the one in which it holds the most significant share, followed by the United States and then Europe".


A company from the Land of the Rising Sun, which Chitotti described as follows: "We like to describe ourselves as a Total High Quality company and we work every day to confirm this on the market".


A final question: in 2013 Mido will be joined by Out of Mido. What are your expectations?
"This will be the first time we take part in the Fuori Salone and we have many expectations, since we believe that this event will give us media visibility that will help us to become known to the public at large. Moreover, meeting the market in a context other than the traditional one, where creativity and national and international design are the absolute protagonists, as well as being present with the Charmant Z and Line Art collections, encourages us and allows us to have a better understanding of consumers' needs, that we can then translate into the new frames we will produce".