Area 98: The objective is to develop new markets

Tessaro: "If you don't invest in research, you don't have a future"

"The objective for 2013 is to develop new markets and consolidate the results achieved to date in certain areas like the United States, where we have opened a branch". Through its Brand and Product Marketing Director, Elisio Tessaro, AREA 98 summed up its expectations for the year that has just begun during Mido, "on which we have been working for a long time and with a lot of energy. We hope" - he added - "that the fair will bring new business opportunities, that there will be a good turnout of customers and, above all, that our collections will be appreciated.

Area98 has always been a dynamic company. In the past we dedicated a lot of time to foreign markets beyond European borders. In recent years we have opened up to new countries and further strengthened Germany, which was our first market in 2012. The objective now is new markets".


Let's go into more detail about the new products you are presenting at this time. Is there a common denominator for eyewear in 2013? And what about next season's color?
"All our collections have distinctive, unique and original characteristics so I can't think of a common denominator. As to colors, without a doubt they will be fluo hues".


The words you use most frequently are research and innovation. Do they really represent the sector's reference point?
"Yes, absolutely! Research and innovation are at the basis of the K Actor and One2One collections, where the research is in materials and technical details like hinges. But research is also studying the perfect fit, like Contini or Genesis. It is also the ability to create frames like Coco Song, where inserting silk or feathers in the acetate requires avant-garde techniques. I believe that if you don't invest in research you won't have a future".


The domestic market is at a sort of stabilization stage, but the market abroad is giving positive signals. Which foreign markets are the most important for your company?
"In Italy, the aim is to maintain the current position and consolidate relationships with our selected customers. As far as foreign markets are concerned, as I said, on the one hand we will try to strengthen the positive results achieved in the reference markets; on the other, we are opening up to new countries with big potential, like India, where we recently took part in its trade fair and which we want to target starting from this year and, above all, in 2014".


Which word describes your company?
"Creative, dynamic, innovative and ... colorful!"


In 2013, Mido will be joined by Out of Mido. What are your expectations?
"It is a new initiative for us and it is certainly interesting. We decided to participate in it because we want to better understand what's going on outside the eyewear sector and how our products are perceived by the general public".