Andrea Rattaro: often we are the first point of contact

An important role of communicating and orienting choices for vision wellbeing

"For optometrists and ophthalmologists protecting a gift that is precious to all of us is of primary importance: the gift of sight. This is why our profession can and must play an essential role, especially when it comes to prevention". This was the statement by Andrea Rattaro, National Coordinator of the Roll of Optometrists, during World Sight Day 2012 which focused on the culture of prevention at all ages.


He explained why. "Frequently, the optometrist is the first person people go to for an eyesight exam. For this reason, – he added - identifying eyesight problems and using the most appropriate solutions in collaboration with the ophthalmologist are two of the important skills of the optometrist."


"Our profession – Rattaro concluded - has an extremely important social role because we are able to talk directly with citizens and knowledgeably orient their vision wellbeing choices in any condition and in accordance with different lifestyles".