Adlens: focus on the European market

C.Fraser: "innovation is our strong point"

Mido, the leading appointment in the sector at world level, is here: what do you expect from this edition and from 2013 in general?
"Adlens - answered Christine Fraser, Director of Customer Success – will officially announce the recent joint venture with worldwide eyewear distributor Mondottica. Signed in October 2012 and in effect since January 2013, the agreement has led to the creation of Adlens® Europe, a strategic partnership that will foster the sale of the Adlens® range of products on the European market."


Christine Fraser explained that Mido also offers Adlens® the opportunity to introduce itself to international sector operators and journalists to describe "its current and future aims, including its recent success and the new objectives for the European market made possible by the joint venture with Mondottica". It is also an occasion to present a series of portraits from the John Lennon™ Collection, "an extraordinary collection of photographs of people wearing the innovative variable focus eyeglasses from the collection. Based on the advanced Fluid-Injection technology, which corrects vision instantaneously, the models in the collection combine modern technology with the legendary style of one of the greatest rock and roll icons of all times, John Lennon."


Is it also backed up by an advertising campaign?.
"The advertising campaign, which features the famous Italian model and actress Benedetta Barzini, perfectly reflects Adlens® open and amusing spirit. The outcome of an extraordinary philanthropic initiative that developed into an internationally-important company, Adlens® has always demonstrated a strong commitment to social issues with its Buy One Give One program: for every pair of Fluid-Injection technology eyeglasses bought, the company donates a pair of eyeglasses to developing communities all over the world. Since the first prototype was created, over 30,000 variable focus lenses have been donated to people in need. The people in the portraits reflect how extremely easy it is to wear Adlens® products: boys and girls of different ages, cultures and backgrounds express the same joy when they personalize their glasses to suit their own vision needs thanks to Adlens® technology."


Research and innovation are key words in this sector. What do they represent for you?
"For centuries, lenses have been a static element and this is how we have learned to see the world. But vision is dynamic, it evolves continually throughout our lifetime. This is why Adlens® perfected variable focus eyeglasses: an innovation in the optical world that faithfully reproduces the eye's dynamic and natural behavior to improve the quality and control of vision. Innovation is one of Adlens® strong points. At our avant-garde research and development centers at Oxford in the United Kingdom, our highly qualified team of engineers, optometrists and designers are constantly engaged in developing our unique technology.


How would you describe your company in one word?
"Visionary. Variable focus technology has infinite possibilities. Adlens® is at the beginning of a route that will transform vision quality for people all over the world".


Mido is an important moment in the year of a company based in Oxford (UK) but, Christine Fraser explained, "in 2013 we will also be taking part in Vision Expo East and West."