A look at Mido 2012: Vanessa & Medhi

Vanessa Di Giovanni: "we aim at Europe-wide development"

Vanessa & Medhi, the brand created by the entrepreneurial union of Vanessa Di Giovanni and Medhi Gaurat, two young people with diametrically opposed characters who presented at this year's Mido their new products in acetate, as Vanessa, the French company's CEO and co-designer, explained in an interview with MidoTV during the Milan fair.


Vanessa & Medhi is "a niche brand" that hasn't felt the effects of the economic crisis in the way that some mass producers have: "we work with just a few opticians with whom we have a real partnership". So 2011 was also "good" because customers "have confidence in the brand".


According to Vanessa Di Giovanni, the young French company's expectations for this edition of Mido were linked to brand development throughout Europe.


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