A look at Mido 2012: Rodenstock

Tappainer: "give end-consumers an informed buying experience"

Rodenstock at Mido 2012 was not characterized by a single new development or product, "but by a concept", according to the German company's product manager lenses and instruments, Mauro Nocera, in a MidoTV interview with managing director Alberto Tappainer and sales manager dispensing tools and instruments


Emanuele Pedrina. "It is a complete vision concept – he explained – that starts with lenses, continues to the frame and is then assembled by tools". A high-tech system that was demonstrated on the multimedia stations and other instruments exhibited at the Milan fair.


Rodenstock's philosophy was explained by Tappainer: "along with quality, technology and services, we are trying to place end-consumers at the center of attention by giving our optician partners tools that will give consumers an informed buying experience because they will know about product functions and quality and will then be positive ambassadors".


Tappainer was also positive about Mido 2012 even though, from his point of view, "the best solution" would be a formula that includes Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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