A look at Mido 2012: Patty Paillette

Patrizia Shelabarger: "I am growing and will conquer the world"

Creativity is a gift of the universe that is certainly not lacking in Patrizia Shelabarger, founder and designer of Patty Paillette. And at Mido 2012 she had the proof. "I presented very particular things, with their own colors, with special butterflies, interesting circles, and I must say they were very successful", she said in an interview with MidoTV during the fair at the Rho-Pero exhibition center.


Patrizia Shelabarger is enthusiastic and in a recent interview she described herself as "determined, a dreamer and visionary". She does not seem to be worried about the repercussions suffered by the eyewear and other sectors in recent times: "I began recently, my brand is young, I am happy because I am still growing and I will conquer the world".


As to Mido, the founder of Patty Paillette would like to see a corner in Mido Lab24 with "a selection for real designers, an area devoted to those who are totally into research".


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