A look at Mido 2012: Intercast

Francesco Pellegrini: "lenses with high technological content"

At Mido with "a bunch of new developments" for Intercast, as sales and marketing manager Francesco Pellegrini said in an interview with MidoTV during the Milan fair. He explained: "we are focusing on lenses with high technological content that help our customers stand out on the market".


According to Pellegrini, there are two reasons for Intercast's growth, even at a generally difficult time: "we are a global company that serves all markets and we continue to release extremely specific products for up-market or sport performance segments".


Special attention is paid to opticians, given that they play a "key" role. "We try to invest time and resources in education or in increasing their involvement in the technological process so that we have additional elements to present to end-users".


As to Mido, Pellegrini described it as "a unique occasion, perhaps the only really global fair, even though the absence of certain important players was felt".


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