A look at Mido 2012: Feb 31st

Stefano Minelli: "I think we can call ourselves fashion creators"

The Feb 31st or 31 February brand is already attracting attention and owner Stefano Minelli is proud of it. Interviewed by MidoTV during the 2012 fair, he said: "we are unique, our name is a non-date. We tend toward an ideal that is defined by 31 February. Our products are a good compromise between craftsmanship and high industrialization. I think that personalization is an important possibility for diversification. We give customers the chance to create their eyewear on different levels: with colors or personalized with their name laser-engraved".


At Mido, where the company from Bergamo presented the new spring/summer collection and expected international expansion, "in addition to being as widespread as possible on the domestic market", Stefano Minelli also talked about fashion: "we are vain enough to think that we create fashion. We have combined a natural material like wood with colors and this is something unique, new. We think we can call ourselves fashion creators".


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