Prevention takes off in Venice

The recent conclusion of the initiative organized by CDV in collaboration with IAPB Italia Onlus and Vision+ Onlus

Over 250 people (about 65 a day) took advantage of the opportunity offered by CDV, IAPB and Vision+ Onlus to have their eyesight checked at a mobile ophthalmic unit made available by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness November 8 through 11 at Piazzola Save, opposite the main entrance to Marco Polo Airport in Venice.


The initiative was very popular with members of the public who were able to have a prompt diagnosis of any eyesight diseases (such as glaucoma) or refractive defects (like myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia).


Although the checkups were not intended to substitute a complete eye examination, they did enable participants, the vast majority of whom had never had their eyes tested, to start taking care of their sight.


On the mobile ophthalmic unit, prevention really... took off!