Prevention in the field at Ferrara

On Saturday, February 22, free eyesight exams for adults and children

After Milan, Padua, Turin, Florence, Genoa and Bologna – where a large number of citizens took part in the initiative – "I Mesi della Vista" (vision health months) promoted by Commissione Difesa Vista (CDV) with the support of the Ministry of Health, will be in Ferrara.


From 10am to 6pm on Saturday, February 22, in the Sala Congressi del Leon D'Oro, Piazza Cattedrale, ophthalmologists and opticians will follow a protocol shared and supported by CDV for carrying out free eyesight exams on adults and children. After enquiring about family history for assessing the presence of refraction errors or eye diseases, ophthalmologists will measure ocular tone and examine the back of the eye and opticians will perform refraction exams and Amsler tests to measure vision efficiency, suggest solutions and establish if there are any symptoms of macular degeneration.


Commissione Difesa Vista – currently composed of ANDOM (Associazione Nazionale Distribuzione Ottica Moderna), Assogruppi Ottica, Federgruppi Ottica, Federottica, ANFAO-Mido, SOI (Società Oftalmologica Italiana) and Vision + Onlus – has always been attentive to promoting throughout Italy special initiatives like this that aim at supporting a vision culture and prevention practices that are vigilant and constant. Unfortunately, the figures are alarming and testify to Italians' attitude to their eye health, that is superficial to say the least: 1 in 5 are not concerned about their vision, over 60% have not had their eyes tested by a specialist in the past 3 years and 70% of parents do not believe it is necessary for their children to have their eyes tested. «Prevention is our best weapon and this is why synergic action by all the categories involved is essential: opticians and ophthalmologists must work side by side to promote a proactive attitude in individuals with regard to eye health», explained Vittorio Tabacchi, President of Commissione Difesa Vista and creator of this initiative. «In addition to the need for regular checks to best preserve eyesight efficiency – this new projects aims to underscore the importance of promoting practical checking and prevention actions in the territory».


"I Mesi della Vista" free screening campaign – which from October 2013 to March 2014 will involve a total of ten cities in Italy – has the support of Mido, the International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition, the main sponsor of Commissione Difesa Vista, Essilor and Topcon, which provide their most sophisticated and innovative professional instruments, such as Visiotest (Essilor) and OCT (Topcon).
For anyone in Ferrara who wants to take advantage of this special prevention action, the appointment is at 10am on Saturday, February 22 in the Sala Congressi del Leon D'Oro, Piazza Cattedrale.