Marchon: awareness-raising campaign

First stop at the Genoa Science Festival to explain the importance of buying eyewear only from authorized retailers

Marchon is engaged in an information campaign about sight protection and the risks of unprotected exposure to sunlight, and the Genoa Science Festival with its 60,000 visitors every year seemed to be an unmissable appointment.


"The eyes are the most delicate organ in the human body" – states the material distributed to visitors -. "The infrared and ultraviolet light we cannot see are the most dangerous and can deeply alter our eyes by damaging the cornea, retina and crystalline lens".
Not only do uncertified sun lenses not provide adequate protection for the eyes, but they can also increase the risks. In fact, a simple dark lens reduces the intensity of light but it does not filter out sunlight: since the pupil tends to dilate when there is little light, it is more exposed to harmful radiation."


Large panels in the area dedicated to "Scienza in Viaggio" (travelling science) in Piazza delle Feste at Porto Antico, illustrate the messages of the Marchon campaign. University students who support the organization of the Festival are constantly present at every installation and are available to give explanations and encourage adults and children to look after their eyes.


"People who visit the Science Festival are attentive and curious about the "why and the wherefore of things". This is why we wanted to participate in this important and interesting event" – said Giancarla Agnoli, CEO of Marchon Italia. "We believe that it is important to make people aware of all the risks they take when they do not adequately protect their eyes from solar radiation. It is essential to remember that sunglasses are not just a fashionable accessory, they are a tool that safeguards our eyes and improves vision perception".


Wearing glasses that are not certified means we are not protecting our eyes. Only quality sunglasses guarantee safety and comfort and protect the health of the wearer. This is the final message of the Marchon prevention campaign that also involves many opticians and the outlets distributing their products.