Essilor takes stock of “I mesi della vista”

The partnership with CDV was an invaluable occasion for a company that has always been conscious about prevention

"We are extremely pleased to have supported Commissione Difesa Vista in a such an important prevention initiative and we can state that the tangible data attest to people's interest in the initiative. It is a small part, the result of the invaluable synergy of several partners, but it is extremely significant and we hope that it will be continued because still too many people undervalue the delicate subject of prevention and vision correction" – stated Alessandra Barzaghi and Roberto Tripodi, Essilor Italia marketing manager and product manager, respectively.


The free screening campaign "I Mesi della Vista" (vision health months) recently came to an end in Rome and its results were decidedly satisfactory.


Essilor's commitment was conscientious and untiring throughout the 11 stages of the 6-month tour (Bologna, Ferrara, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Parma, Rome, Turin, Venice) during which vision screenings were performed with sophisticated Visiotest™ equipment. The professional instrument widely used in preventive medicine and exclusive to the French multinational, gave rapid evaluations of the main eyesight functions via complete distance and near vision tests: a total of 2750 checks, 500 of which were in Milan alone.
Since it began, the partnership with Commissione Difesa Vista has been an invaluable occasion for a company that has always been very conscious about prevention and is strongly oriented toward spreading the culture of vision health throughout the territory.


A commitment that the Group has also implemented globally: Essilor supports the Vision Impact Institute, the first non-profit organization that collects and shares knowledge, data and solutions at global level for reducing the impact of vision defects. The aim is to offer an increasingly vast number of people with continually changing eyesight needs a better life through better vision.