Essilor supports Optometry Giving Sight

During World Sight Day the company will cooperate on raising funds for preventing blindness

ESSILOR is still involved in several initiatives that support the spread of the vision wellbeing culture. Its commitment was confirmed also on October 10 during World Sight Day promoted by the World Health Organization.


The company embraces cooperation with Optometry Giving Sight, the only international fund-raising initiative aimed specifically at preventing blindness and damage to sight caused by refractive errors.


Optometry Giving Sight funds the development of sustainable eye care in communities where it does not exist or in those where such care is marginalized. The projects funded include delivery services and the development of human resources and facilities.


The Organization's work targets opticians and optometrists, their work, employees, customers, patients, management and the employees of all the companies operating in the fields of optics and ophthalmology.


ESSILOR's support involves the ultra-new Crizal Prevencia lens, the first clear preventive lens that offers complete protection for the eyes: selective protection from harmful blue-purple light to help prevent age-related macular degeneration and, at the same time, UVA/UVB protection to help prevent the occurrence of cataract.