Do you know how to protect yourself from the sun?

Download "Sole Amico" A new app dedicated to sun protection!

A new application reached the App Store just a few days ago. Made by CDV in collaboration with UNIPRO, the SOLE AMICO app was presented by CDV president Cavaliere del Lavoro Vittorio Tabacchi during the press conference at the Hotel Boscolo, Milan, for the opening of the 42nd edition of Mido.


The aim of the application is to give advice about how to adequately protect eyes and skin from health risks based on external conditions (location, time and UV rays) and the user's particular phototype.


For example, Sole Amico "cross-references" information about sun radiation (the strength of the UV rays) in a certain location and at a specific time of day with the phototype (eye color, skin type, age...) entered by the user to create customized advice on how to enjoy time spent outdoors – and be safe.


The app also comes with a game: the "sun-quiz" tests the user's knowledge about protection from UV rays. So you can have fun planning trips and at the same time get useful advice about protecting your skin and eyes in a certain location and/or natural environment. It is also possible to follow the instructions of an eye specialist and a dermatologist who give useful advices about healthcare.


This project "seemed to us to be the best way to reach a wide and varied target", Tabacchi said. "These days, over 15 million Italians have smartphones. The Sole Amico application can spread the culture of protection with the intelligent combination of information, games, entertainment and multimedia".


UNIPRO president Fabio Rossello also spoke at the meeting and expressed his satisfaction with an initiative that he described as "new and at the same time in line with communication actions being taken by the Italian Association of Cosmetics Companies. Some time ago UNIPRO began "Progetto Reputazione", a project oriented toward bringing an increasingly wider public closer to the values of our segment. The initiative prepared with our friends at the Commissione Difesa Vista integrates perfectly with this strategy and allows us to educate new types of consumers about the correct use of cosmetics. As Mido coincides with Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (March 9-12), it will be another opportunity to strengthen communication synergies on Sole Amico".