CDV reiterates: fakes damage health!

Not all glasses are the same! An example is the case of an English schoolgirl who was disfigured by fake sunglasses

Many Italians still buy counterfeit eyeglasses. According to recent research by the Piepoli Institute, 5% of the population buys them from market stalls and no fewer than 30% doesn't buy them at all. The case of the English schoolgirl highlights a subject that is very dear to Commissione Difesa Vista: counterfeit glasses. Apart from the financial damage – every year, counterfeiting is responsible for a loss of about 15% in sector billings -, it is a real threat to our health.


Prof. Francesco Loperfido, Commissione Difesa Vista consultant and head of the Ophthalmology Unit at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, has repeated numerous times that «Uncertified sunglasses expose eyes and eyesight to the risk of damage because of non-compliant lenses. Moreover, they can trigger considerable allergic reactions due to the non-conformity of the materials used to make the frames.»


«The materials and lenses of sunglasses bought from non-certified outlets do not undergo quality controls», Loperfido explained. «Frequently, not enough attention is paid to the quality of the materials used for sunglasses. The construction of frames with components that are not included in European Union directives on conformity may expose people to a greater risk of allergic reactions: imitation plastic, acetate or injected materials that are alternatives for classical celluloid, and metal frames with non-compliant treatments, may produce an allergic reaction simply by interacting with perspiration. When the reaction is severe, it may directly or indirectly cause an alteration in the quality of vision, severe swelling of the eyelids that affects the "mechanical" opening and closing of the eye, or reaction of the eye itself to unsuitable materials in the sun lenses».


«Quality sunglasses bought from secure sales channels are the only real tool for protecting our eyes», Loperfido warned again. «Prolonged or incorrect exposure of the eyes to ultraviolet light causes excessive dehydration and may lead to actinic keratosis. It can also contribute to damaging the macula (especially in those exposed to blue light) and, as a consequence, maculopathy».




The first guarantee is to buy them from secure channels, in other words, the opticians' stores that testify to product provenance and reliability. If you buy them from market stalls or street vendors, you can be almost totally certain that the product is counterfeit and/or a health hazard. If you buy them from channels that are not secure, you not only damage yourself but also society as a whole because they evade taxation and increase the revenues of organized crime. The buying channel is important because manufacturers distribute their eyewear exclusively through specialized stores where original eyewear is guaranteed also by the presence of an optician who has the professional expertise required for selling a product that is not just an accessory but real personal protection equipment.


Original and certified quality eyewear meets the superior standards that sector companies have set for themselves in order to achieve excellence in all aspects.


Eyewear must not have parts that protrude or sharp edges that can cause discomfort or even lesions. The frame and lenses must be made from materials that are absolutely safe and will not irritate the skin or cause an allergic reaction.


Cheap glasses are poorly finished with little care taken over details and we cannot be sure about the material that was used to make them. It has been shown that non-certified metal frames release nickel, a substance that in many people causes a severe allergic reaction with irritating reddening and contact dermatitis.